the woman behind the lens

meet jasmyn

Have you ever looked at a photograph and laughed? Cried? Or felt deeply moved in some way?

What you feel when these emotions pour from you is nostalgia. When nostalgia takes over, you feel like you have been transported back in time into that very photo...even a photo of a landscape can deeply move you.
Photography powerfully creates what can’t be said, because many times you can’t place into words what you’re feeling, but the emotions pour into your soul. To me, photography isn’t just about taking pretty pictures. Photography is a visual representation of your journey through life and creating the only chance of making time standstill.

adventurer, romantic, and free-spirited woman who loves taking photographs. 

I can't wait to share your journey with you!

My why

My father was a passionate photographer; there’s no doubt it rubbed off on me. I was a young girl when I received a purple Kodak 35mm point-and-shoot camera that came in plastic packaging. I took my camera with me everywhere and took pictures of everything! I was obsessed! I spent my allowance money riding my bike to and from Target to buy and develop film. 

While in high school, my father lent me one of his many cameras for a photography class where I learned black and white film and how to process it in the darkroom. That class changed my life, and my passion only grew. Over the years, I mostly captured nature and travel-my biggest inspirations and what you’ll see as a theme in my photos. 

My father passed away in 2016, and as I went through his collections of cameras and photographs, it became clear to me that I must do something with my gift and share it with others. I took some time to venture around the world and visited 15+ countries. While traveling and exploring countless museums, I realized every civilization valued documenting life. Before photography, it was paintings, sculptures, or just carvings that showed everyday life and important milestones.

After coming back to the states, I had my daughter. Naturally, of course, I took so many pictures of her. I look back at those pictures and still cry.
My journey of coming into motherhood inspired me and fueled my desire to provide a service for other women. After all, you deserve to be in front of the camera too! I will remind you that you are beautiful, even when you may not feel 100%. I help you relax and feel comfortable. I want you to be able to savor the moments while they are happening in realtime. 

What I have to give you is the experience of evoking memories by bringing them back to life with nostalgic photographs. Display them on your walls, tucked in an album, or framed on your desk. Your future self will always be grateful to look back at your growing family and appreciate that you took the time to invest now.

my loves

I have a wonderful 2 year old daughter named Mali. I’m sure you’ve seen her around! She keeps me inspired and motivated to be a great role-model, but also reminds me to not take life too seriously.  

My daughter

I am a world traveller. I recently adventured solo throughout 15+ countries. Each and every country touched my heart and soul in its own special way. I can’t wait for my next exploration!


Whether hiking or playing in the ocean, I love to be outdoors. I am obsessed with plants, animals, and all things nature! I have an ever-growing collection of various tropical plants building a jungle in my bedroom.