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Chandler, Arizona Motherhood Photographer


jasmyn sambac photography

Jasmyn Sambac Photography specializes in Maternity, Newborn, and Family Portraits highlighting your journey through Motherhood.

" Motherhood Portraits inspired by nature" means that I love creating portraits outdoors with gorgeous Arizona landscapes for backdrops. It also means empowering and embracing your natural beauty, allowing you to come as you are- your natural cadence and rhythm in life.

Pregnancy and forming the powerful bond between you and your newborn baby are some of the most emotionally charged experiences a woman can go through in her lifetime. You won’t want to miss out on having these memories to look back on and pass down to future generations.



behind the lens

Because this is your first baby...
Because this is your last baby...
Because they are only this little once...
And you want to make the memories last.

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