baby girl first birthday with eucalyptus, rose, and peony banner

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Your baby’s first year is full of developmental milestones. You won’t want to miss capturing them all! I don’t want to keep reminding you, but they grow so quickly, especially in the first year.  In the first year, your baby will go from barely holding their head up during tummy time to standing to take […]

Baby’s First Year Photography Collection

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If you’re expecting a baby, you’re probably asking yourself: “Should I get maternity photos?” “Are maternity photos worth it?” Of course, as a photographer, I’m going to say ‘Absolutely! Maternity photos ARE worth it!” BUT, I want to truly break it down for you WHY you should get maternity photos. Too often I hear moms […]

Are maternity photos worth it?

mommy and me breastfeeding session

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  I am in love with this dreamy Mommy and Me breastfeeding session! We were tucked away by Salt River, AZ in what I like to call a hidden gem of Phoenix. Little Sebastian was the so darling, yet inquisitive of what was going on. He hardly let his eyes leave the camera. He had […]

Mommy and Me Breastfeeding Session | Arizona Motherhood Photography