6 month baby boy lifting chest while on bed. Baby boy has blue/grey overalls and a white long-sleeved onesie.

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As a Scottsdale Baby Photographer, I always encourage families to celebrate the smaller milestones in between the bigger ones. Your baby’s first year of life is full of many changes. Within one year they go from sleeping most of the day to suddenly walking and talking and being more aware of the world around them. […]

6-Month Milestone Photos | Scottsdale Baby Photographer

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Being a Scottsdale Family Photographer, I know one of the main stressors of doing family photos is considering what to wear. What to wear for your family photos is always such a stressor! The kids have most likely outgrown the clothes in their closets. Your husband wants to wear the same shirt he has worn […]

Family Photo Outfit Ideas for Fall | Scottsdale Family Photographer

Mom and baby are surrounded by green bushes while mom is standing and holding 6 month old breastfeeding baby. Mom is in a loose baby blue dress and baby in neutral colored onesie.

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A breastfeeding photoshoot can be an empowering, yet nostalgic experience for both mom and baby. As a Scottsdale Newborn Photographer, I get to see many moms at the beginning stages of feeding their babies. I hear their stories of easy success and also struggle. More often than known, breastfeeding can come as a struggle for many […]

Breastfeeding Photoshoot: A Motherhood Milestone

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As a Chandler Motherhood Photographer, and mother, I know the importance of finding quality care for our children. If you’re anything like me, you want only the best of the best! I remember looking through countless reviews and recommendations before landing at the pediatric office I chose for my daughter, which also happens to be on […]

The Best Chandler Pediatricians

closeup of mom's hands around baby's upperback holding newborn baby girl.
A candid desert maternity session of mom in 3rd trimester holding baby bump that is exposed through white Chiffon fabric.

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  As a Scottsdale Maternity Photographer, I love coming up with creative ideas for your maternity photos. Maternity photos don’t have to be boring. I truly find the pregnant body to be fascinating. My own experience through pregnancy is how I became a maternity photographer. While yes, the pains, discomfort, and exhaustion can be next […]

Chiffon Draping Maternity Photoshoot | Scottsdale Maternity Photographer

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  Being a lifestyle Mesa Newborn Photographer, I often get the question of “Can we include older siblings for the photoshoot?” The answer is: Yes! Absoultely! I love having the opportunity to photograph families welcoming home their new family member. To children, bringing home a new younger sibling is both mind-blowing and thrilling. There are […]

Mesa Newborn Photographer Talks Including Siblings

Mom and 5 daughters cuddled on bed for lifestyle newborn photos in home.
New mom and dad laying on stomachs in bed smiling at each other. Dad has newborn baby girl in hands.

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Have you considered a Phoenix Midwife to help you deliver your baby? If you’ve recently found out that you’re pregnant, you have probably started to wonder whether a Phoenix Midwife or OB/GYN is the best choice for you. As a Phoenix Motherhood Photographer, and mother, I know just how important it is to think about […]

Top 5 Phoenix Midwives | Jasmyn Sambac Photography

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As a Phoenix Motherhood Photographer and mother, I understand that choosing a pediatrician can be challenging. You want only the best care for your newborn baby. I have taken some of the guesswork and research off of your hands and have compiled a list of the best Mesa Pediatricians. Finding the best medical care for […]

The Best Mesa Pediatricians

Newborn baby girl wrapped in white wrap. Mom's hands are surrounding her head and dad's hands are touching her feet.
new mom and new dad holding newborn baby girl. They are sitting in a neutral colored rocking chair in the nursery.

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As a  Queen Creek Newborn Photographer and mother, I know first hand preparing for the arrival of your newborn baby is both exciting and exhausting!  I know it can be easy to be overwhelmed with all of the options for baby items, especially if you’re a first-time mom. While this isn’t a 100% comprehensive list […]

Must-Have Newborn Baby Items

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If you’re an expecting mom, you may be looking for a Phoenix doula to be by your side while you’re giving birth. I, a Scottsdale Newborn Photographer, always recommend that every birthing mom hire a doula. I personally had a doula for the birth of my daughter. In hindsight, I couldn’t imagine NOT having her […]

Phoenix Doulas You Should Know

Newborn baby girl in blush pink pajama set. Baby is in a white crib with a floral patterned crib sheet.


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