Chiffon Draping Maternity Photoshoot | Scottsdale Maternity Photographer

  1. These are stunning, Jas. Makes me miss being a photographer in Arizona. The lighting, setting, and the mom to be are gorgeous! Perfect formula for a successful session.

  2. This is so lovely! I love that you used chiffon in an outdoor maternity session! I love that it still gives a dress-like look in your first couple of images! How did you do that? So feminine and lovely!

  3. This chiffon fabric ‘dress’ is stunning. wow I love how creative you are and how you draped it. What an stunning maternity session!

  4. Samantha says:

    These are incredible, Jasmyn! I love the way the fabric drapes in these, the third photo is my favorite! So elegant and dramatic but simple at the same time. Super creative idea!

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