When to Take Newborn Photos

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  2. […] I may be a bit biased, BUT, there’s a reason you keep hearing the cliche sayings: “They’re only little for so long.” and “It goes by fast.” Babies change very quickly in the first year and especially within the first month of their lives. The first few weeks(or longer) seem like you’re in a daze as everyone is adjusting. It’s nice to take a moment to truly document this special time in your growing family’s lives. You won’t regret getting newborn photos, but you may surely regret not having them in the future. In your 2nd-trimester, schedule your newborn photo session for when your baby is between 7-21 days of age. You can learn more here about when to take your newborn photos. […]

  3. Such a great read. The black and white image on the bottom of your blog is my absolute favorite.

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